Data NFT-LEASE: More Control for more real-world use cases

What is Data NFT-LEASE?

Data NFT-LEASE is the latest version of Itheum's Data NFT technology. Unlike Data NFT-FT, it follows the standard NFT design. This means a single creator can own entire token collections and have more control over how they're used.

How does it work?

Data NFT-LEASE allows for more customization and flexibility. Creators can control how the tokens are transferred, allowing for more granular control. Tokens can move between selected parties or smart contracts, or they can be made non-transferable.

Use cases:

Data NFT-LEASE is powerful for various use cases, such as creating loyalty cards, data vaults, data sharing tools, and sovereign identity platforms. It's a bit more complex to set up, requiring knowledge of NFT collection management, but it offers more possibilities.

Where to find it:

Data NFT-LEASE is part of the Itheum Enterprise product, which provides a "control panel" to interact with your Data NFT collections.

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