Zedge Storage

Zedge Storage is an innovative decentralized storage solution that works seamlessly with the Itheum protocol as a data storage layer. Ultimately, Zedge Storage allows you to create "digital storage bunkers" and obtain "Data Stream URLs" to these bunkers, that you can then use to mint your Data NFTs.

Here are the key features of Zedge Storage.

  1. Store static files on IPFS

  2. Store dynamic files on IPFS and use DNS Link to connect your Domain Dame to your IPFS files (allows you to change the file your domain points to -- think decentralized web hostings)

  3. Store dynamic files and use IPNS to be able to update them later, all using the power of the decentralized IPFS network.

  4. Seamless generation and management of Trailblazer Data Streams!

  5. Seamless generation and management of Music Data NFT Data Streams that work with the NF-Tunes web3 music player

Let's explore some simple guides on how you can get started with using Zedge Storage to host your Data NFT Data Streams...

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