Guide 1 : Get Started with the Data DEX on MultiversX

The Data DEX is your web3 portal to interact with the Itheum Protocol. It allows users to trade their data using decentralized tools and contains some "integrated apps" that enable the seamless "web2 data bridging" and trading of your personal data. One of these apps is called the "Web3 Gamer Passport," and it empowers Gamers to take ownership of some of their data and trade it using the Itheum protocol. It's a perfect app to "get started" and experience Itheum's value proposition of data ownership and trade - which applies to any industry or vertical (gaming, health, social, shopping, finance, etc.)

This guide will walk you through the workflow to use the Web3 Gamer Passport to trade Sony Playstation gamer data as a Data NFT.

Not a Playstation gamer? No worries, you can still try it by simulating a demo gaming account we have set up for you.

In the next few sections, we will do all the steps required to "Get Started" on using the Data DEX on MultiversX. We will:

  1. Setup some new MultiversX Devnet Wallet

  2. Fund those new wallets with xEGLD (MultiversX's gas token) via a Faucet

  3. Log into the Data DEX and claim ITHEUM devnet tokens via a Faucet

So letโ€™s get startedโ€ฆ

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