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Welcome to the Itheum Protocol Official Docs

What is Itheum?

Think about all the stuff you do online - the posts you like, the things you buy, the places you visit, all this personal data is being collected and used by big corporations to craft highly personalized Ads are are guaranteed to make you โ€œclickโ€.

Or if you are an organization or brand, think of all the original data assets and intellectual property you are producing that is being published online and then โ€œcollectedโ€ by data harvesters that are feeding this into AI model training engines.

That's your data! And it's a super valuable โ€œassetโ€ thatโ€™s powering a world that is seeing exponential data-fueled technology growth. But here's the catch: you don't really own it.

That's where Itheum steps in.

Itheum is a data ownership layer built on blockchain technology and offers an innovative range of modular infrastructure tools that transform the data asset ownership landscape.

Welcome to Itheum Docs, your gateway for information on how you can use Itheum as a Data Creator, Enterprise or Brand, Developer or Data Consumer. Let's begin by exploring the various products that combine into the overarching Itheum protocol, starting with Itheum's core component: Data NFT Technology.

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