Cohorts vs Alpha Builders

The separate Programs that make up the Itheum xPand Grants Program - for example, Program 1: MultiversX Post-Hackathon Accelerator, will each have two types of participants. Each Program will begin with an open call for applicants and before the officially begins, two types of participants will be selected. Here we explain the different difference these participants.


  • These are the primary participants who would have been shortlisted from a larger group of program applicants by the Itheum Trailblazer DAOor using some selection criteria from a prior event (for e.g., shortlisted from a prior event or hackathon like the MultiversX xDay Hackathon)

  • Cohorts will have a limited set of participants. For example, Program 1: MultiversX Post-Hackathon Acceleratorcohort only has 5 who have been selected.

  • Each Program will have a total Grant Pool and Disbursement Plan for this grant pool, which will usually only be applicable/shared by the selected cohort participants.

  • The cohort will also participate in the full acceleration program format schedule as detailed in each Program. e.g. Program 1 Schedule

Alpha Builders

  • Applicants who miss the selection criteria or deadline to make it into the limited Program Cohort can opt to join an Alpha Builders stream.

  • This enables them to "tag-along" with the primary Cohort and gain value from the broader Itheum xPand initiative and benefit via:

    • Working with the Itheum team and other projects in the Cohort.

    • Exploring how to mature their project and product.

    • Taking part in any public Demo Day event and getting community attention.

    • Building reputation and recognition for their product or project.

  • Although Alpha Builders won't have a dedicated Program Grant reward pool or award; highly engaged projects have the potential to be awarded a special "Alpha Builder Grant" if your project is outstanding. Please be aware that the "Alpha Builder Grant" pool availability, size, and award is made at the solely at the discretion of the Itheum Trailblazer DAO and the Itheum Team for each Program.

  • Alpha Builders are welcome to apply to future xPand Programs and increase their potential to become primary Cohort participants.

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