Data NFT Types

Data NFTs are essentially blockchain-powered "licenses" for data usage. They can have various use cases ranging from simple to complex and, therefore, require various types or classes to ensure they are seamless to use.

Itheum offers three types of Data NFTs: Data NFT-FT, Data NFT-LEASE and Data NFT-PH (Plug-In Hybrid). In summary:

TypeWhat They AreExample Use Cases


These Fully transferable (FT) Data NFTs allows users to buy, sell, and trade them. These Data NFTs actually follow the SFT (Semi Fungible) standard and can be thought of as "fractionalized" ownership of a primary "master asset". Creators can define rules for how the data can be used through โ€œterms of useโ€ embedded in the NFT. Great for reaching large audiences and sharing music, video, or files in various formats, including dynamic ones like a music playlist. This is a great tool for creators to build a community and to discover organic open market demand for their dynamic content. However, they are not suitable for sensitive personal data.

  • Gaming analysts can publish gated insights on strategic gameplay

  • Musicians can allow people to buy and trade their music Data NFTs

  • Authors can publish eBooks

  • Artists can publish dynamic art work

  • Publish AI Models, Training Data or ChatGPT Prompts


These Data NFT collections are minted and managed via the Itheum Enterprisesuite of tools. The allow for more flexibility by granting creators control over how NFT tokens are transferred between selected parties or Smart Contracts or making them non-transferable. A single creator can own an entire collection of NFT tokens and have a powerful control portal to manage this collection. They could also be suitable for tokenizing sensitive, diverse, and personal data.

  • Gamer CVs or โ€œpassportsโ€

  • Loyalty cards with tradable data streams on shopping history

  • Web3 Community activation (quests etc) for Web2 brands,

  • Data vaults, data sharing tools, and sovereign identity platforms


These Plug-In Hybrid (PH) Data NFTs are for projects that want to launch their own fully controlled NFT collections independently but would like to provide a โ€œplug-inโ€ interface for their regular NFTs to also be used as hybrid Data NFTs. This increases their NFTsโ€™ utility by enabling them to tap into the Itheum ecosystem of tools and incentives, which converts their regular static NFTs into dynamic and composable NFTs.

  • In-game NFTs that โ€œemitโ€ their own data streams.

  • DeFi NFTs that tie the data insights of the holder to the NFT token to make personalized DeFI data portable between platforms

Let's dive deeper into each type now...

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