Procuring a Data NFT

Data NFTs provide a unique way to package and trade personal data. With Itheum's Data Marketplace, users can easily discover, trade, and advertise Data NFTs using ITHEUM tokens.

You will need the $ITHEUM and $EGLD tokens.

This article outlines the purchase of Data NFTs on the Itheum Marketplace:

Option 1

Step 1) Browse the marketplace

Head to the Data NFT Marketplace. Select the Data NFT you wish to procure and click on "View Data Collection".

Step 2) Review and select amount

Review details of the Data NFT and select the amount to be procured. The click on "Mint" or "Buy Data NFT".

Step 3) Read and Agree to terms of use

Upon invoking "Purchase Data" an uptime check is performed on the Data Stream. Read and agree to the "Terms of Use" to Proceed. A clear breakdown of the fees and total costs is also provided for your review.

Step 4) Concluding purchase

Sign the transaction to conclude the purchase. Post this the procured Data NFT will be viewable in your Data NFT wallet. Here you will be able to open and view the raw Data Stream.

Suppose your Data NFT supports a custom built data visualization application built on Itheum Explorer - in that case, you will be shown a "Explore" button that directly takes you to the App page on Itheum Explorer so you can experience the insights or features unlocked by the Data NFT.

Alternatively: Browse the marketplace, select "Show all offers" and select the amount for purchase

Browse the Data NFT Marketplace select "Show all offers".

Select the Amount (This indicates the copies of the Data NFT you would like to buy if the Seller listed multiple) and click "Purchase Data".

The End Result

Upon carrying out the above steps, the final journey will look like this.

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