Program 1: MultiversX Post-Hackathon Accelerator

Program Overview

This is for projects that were โ€œbornโ€ out of the MultiversX xDay Hackathon. Selected candidates for this program will be our 1st cohort for Itheum xPand DAO and this cohort will be taken through a special 5 week accelerator program to extend the work done by the teams as part of the MultiversX hackathon.

Please note that all principles, guidelines and rules captured in the overarching Itheum xPand Grants Program page apply on top of the specific details mentioned below. But some sections below can contain details that have precedence over the overarching corresponding sections. e.g. The Disbursement Plan below will take precedence over the Disbursement Plan in the overarchingItheum xPand Grants Program page.

Grant Pool for Program

A maximum of 500,000 $ITHEUM tokens have been allocated to outstanding projects emerging from the ongoing MultiversX hackathon. This pool has been set aside for a maximum of 5 projects with a maximum cap of 100,000 $ITHEUM tokens per project as distributed as per disbursement plan below. If 5 projects are not selected for any specific reason (i.e. the total number of projects that meet the selection criteria below is less than 5), or projects don't complete the steps in the disbursement plan below, the remaining tokens allocated for this phase will be rolled into a future program that's part of Itheum xPand Grants Program

Evaluation Criteria

Specific evaluation criteria has been detailed in the parent document here. Please read and familiarize yourself with all the criteria.

Application Process

  1. Formally participate in the MultiversX xDay Hackathon

Selection of Program Cohort

Based on the application process outcomes and the Evaluation Criteria mentioned above, the top 5 projects will be notified if they have been successfully included in this program. these top 5 projects become the successful cohort for this program.

Note: Please be aware that the selection of projects is made at the discretion of the Itheum Team. Our team will make the final decisions based on the criteria mentioned above and other relevant factors.

Disbursement Plan

Each project gets a maximum segment allocation of 100,000 $ITHEUM tokens that are disbursed as follows.

  1. 25% on the spot for each team after making it into the program cohort

  2. 35% after the 5 week program and demoing a publicly available Demo MVP

  3. 40% goes into a pool, where at the end of the accelerator, the xPand DAO votes for top 5 projects based on Evaluation Criteria but MAINLY on maturity of their Demo MVPs (e.g. how close the MVP is to a public release). The rewards then gets vested based on their roadmap milestones as detailed in their application form. As the DAO will vote on who gets this, the teams are incentivised to show more progress during the MVP demos but also detail a detailed roadmap to take their product into fully public use.

For item (3), the total collected pool will be distributed with a vesting period spanning six months and will be based on this breakdown.

  • 1st Place: 35%

  • 2nd Place: 25%

  • 3rd Place: 20%

  • 4th Place: 12%

  • 5th Place: 8%

Program Format

5 Week Accelerator that ends with a virtual "demo day" that's showcased live on YouTube and Itheum Socials

Week 0: Cohort Induction

  1. Cohort teams get a 1:1 group with the Itheum team on Telegram messenger

  2. Marketing on Itheumโ€™s channels to introduce you as being part of the Itheum xPand program cohort

Week 1: Product and Solution Exploration Phase

  1. One hour product guidance 1:1 workshop with Itheum product team and each cohort team. Objective is to brainstorm on the idea and recommend product guidance based on โ€œwhere Itheum fits in'' and โ€œhow this will improve their product market fitโ€

  2. Discover and identify the Target Audience (Target group - TG) and how their product will suit the TG

  3. Refine the solution and tweak the product to suit the TG

Week 2: Tech Exploration Phase

  1. 2 hour group workshops with all projects to walk them through a tech deep dive on our tools, SDKs etc.

  2. Recommend the infrastructure usage (Tech Stack) and the shortest possible route to achieve a working prototype

  3. Build or improve your Demo MVP based on the feedback received to date

Week 3: Support Phase

  1. Support projects in any way needed (tech, product etc)

  2. Hand hold and provide solutions to the problems they face while building

  3. Periodic code reviews

  4. Any changes to the product in terms of SDK usage or bottlenecks which can be addressed by the developers

Week 4-5: Review & Launch Phase

  1. Demo MVP is publicly available

  2. Internal testing - Itheum Internal Team, Alpha OGs, Ambassadors/Advocates will test the product and report the bugs

  3. Implement the fixes and debug the reported bugs/Critical issues

  4. Retesting and solution touch-ups

  5. At the end of this stage the Demo MVP should be ready for โ€œDemo Dayโ€

Demo Day

  1. Virtual "demo day" that's showcased live on YouTube and Itheum Socials

xPand DAO Votes

  1. Demo Day pitches go to Itheum xPand DAO and top trailblazer holders and/or ITHEUM token holders can vote on how the remaining token rewards are distributed to the projects

  2. This is basically the DAO based decision making to ensure that the projects that were most potential get rewarded the most

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