Itheum xPand Grants Program

Welcome to the Itheum xPand Grants Program — a gateway to strengthening our ecosystem together.

Welcome to the Itheum xPand Grants Program

Thank you for considering the Itheum xPand Grants Program! We're excited to have you join us on this journey of building a stronger ecosystem together. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or simply want to start a conversation, please feel free to reach out to us via Discord.

Program Overview

The Itheum xPand Grants Program embodies our commitment to community engagement, inclusivity, transparency, and the greater good of the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Our goal is to empower projects to #BuildOnItheum and contribute to the growth of our ecosystem. The following are the overarching principles, guidelines and rules overview that will apply to "Programs" launched under the Itheum xPand Grants Program, but note that each "Program" may have it own format for principles, guidelines and rules that will apply over the overarching information provided below.

Guiding Principles

We uphold the following guiding principles to ensure the success of our grants program:

  1. Engagement: We welcome token holders who wish to engage with the Itheum Protocol and be part of governance decisions.

  2. Transparency: We are committed to openness and transparency in our decision-making processes.

  3. Inclusivity: We prioritize the greater good of the network above personal gain and aim to include diverse perspectives.

  4. Moral Responsibility: We act as moral agents, considering the ethical consequences of our actions and decisions.

  5. Community Standards: We maintain an inclusive environment.

Kindly adhere to these principles and follow the Code Of Conduct

Ecosystem Support

The Itheum xPand Grants Program has allocated $ITHEUM 1,000,000 for ecosystem support. This support is distributed through a multi-level structure to support various projects within the ecosystem.

Initial Phase (Program 1)

In the first phase of the program called Program 1: MultiversX Post-Hackathon Accelerator and is for projects that were “born” out of the MultiversX xDay Hackathon. For more details about the hackathon, please refer to this link. For hackathon ideas please refer to this link.

Evaluation Criteria

Outstanding projects are evaluated on the following parameters:

  1. Original Ideas: Assessing the uniqueness and creativity of the project concept, aiming to identify novel ideas within its field.

  2. Innovative: Looking for innovative approaches and solutions within the project, with a focus on introducing fresh perspectives or methods.

  3. Usage of Itheum Technology: Considering how well the project integrates or leverages Itheum technology at its core, emphasizing a meaningful connection with our technology stack.

  4. Real-world use cases: Evaluating the practicality and applicability of the project in real-world scenarios, particularly its potential to address real-world problems or needs.

  5. Working prototype: Seeking evidence of a functional prototype or proof of concept for the project, demonstrating tangible progress or a working model.

Once a project meets the evaluation criteria, they will be eligible for the next round where they apply through the application form and indicate the desired level of support.

Note: Please be aware that the selection of projects for each individual Program is made at the discretion of the Itheum Team. Our team will make the final decisions based on the criteria mentioned above and other relevant factors.

Application Process

To apply for a grant, please complete this application form.

Please ensure you provide elaborative and clear information as requested to be considered for the Itheum xPand Grants Program.

Disbursement Plan

Tokens awarded through the Itheum xPand Grants Program are disbursed in a staged manner to ensure project progress and accountability:

1. Upfront Distribution (25%): Upon selection, projects will receive an initial distribution equal to 25% of their requested amount.

2. Delivery Distribution (50%): The next 50% of the tokens will be released upon successful delivery of the project solution for public use. Delivery evaluation will determine this release, with votes by NFT + token holders on the xPand DAO.

3. Vesting (25%): The remaining 25% of the tokens will be vested, with a vesting period spanning six months, to ensure the project's long-term commitment and success.

The above are the overarching stages for token distributions that can apply to "Programs" launched under the Itheum xPand Grants Program, but note that each "Program" can also have it's own custom Disbursement Plan so please take note of this.

Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property is respected, and you maintain ownership of your creations. Please indicate the type of licensure in the application form. You have five options : Public Goods, Open Source, Closed Source (but free for public use), Commercial, or a mix of these options.

Please also read our Announcement Guidelines to learn more about the marketing guidelines once you have successfully secured a grant.

We look forward to receiving your applications and partnering with you to advance the decentralized Itheum ecosystem. For any further details, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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