Data NFT-FT: Quick and flexible "fractionalized" NFT collections to get your started

What is Data NFT-FT?

Data NFT-FT is like a quick and easy way for creators to share their data. It's designed to be semi-fungible (SFT), meaning creators can use special tools to launch collections fast. Once the collections are created, they can be put up for trade on the peer-to-peer Data NFT Marketplace. These NFTs can be transferred easily, making them great for sharing things like music, videos, or files in various formats like PDF, CSV, or JSON. The best part is that the data within these files can be dynamic, like a music playlist. These tokens also plug into all of Itheum's ecosystem of public tools like the Data DEX, Itheum Explorer and SDKs that are available to any 3rd party developers who can build "data apps" on top of your Data NFTs. This standard can also be thought of as "fractionalized" ownership of a primary "master data asset."

How does it work?

The "FT" in Data NFT-FT stands for "fully transferable." This means that users can buy, sell, and trade these NFTs. However, creators can set their own rules for how the data can be used through "terms of use" embedded in the NFT. For example, a musician might allow people to buy and trade their music NFTs but only for non-commercial use.

Things to keep in mind:

While Data NFT-FT is great for reaching a large audience, it's not suitable for sensitive personal data. There are also some rules in place (CanaryNet Guardrails) to observe usage behavior and protect users during the early stages of the Mainnet release. You can find more details here.

Ready to mint your Data NFTs?

Do you have original data (music, video, files etc) that you would like to mint into Data NFTs? Your first step is to Get Whitelisted

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