MultiversX DeFi Wallet

MultiversX DeFi Wallet

Popularly referred to as the "future of money," MultiversX currently has a robust web wallet extension known as the MultiversX DeFi Wallet. It is a powerful browser extension for the MultiversX Wallet that effectively automates and reduces the steps and time required for users to interact with MultiversX Decentralized apps.

Let's walk through the steps on how to install and set up the MultiversX DeFi Wallet extension:


Wallets don't have custody of your funds, you do. Before utilizing the MultiversX DeFi Wallet Extension, certain preliminary steps must be taken to ensure its proper use.

Add MultiversX DeFi Wallet to your browserโ€‹

  • On the Chrome Web Store Extension, search for MultiversX DeFi Wallet. and add it to your browser.

  • Confirm the action in the pop-up.

  • You should receive a notification that the extension has been added successfully.

Set up MultiversX DeFi walletโ€‹

  • Once it has been successfully installed, click on the extension to get started.

  • You will be presented with two options: you can either Create new wallet or Import existing wallet.

Create a new walletโ€‹

Step 1: To get started, first complete the pre-requesites detailed above regarding the MultiversX DeFi wallet extension.

Step 2: Open up the extension and click on โ€˜โ€™Create new walletโ€.

Step 3: Next, a secret phrase consisting of a set of 24 secret words will be displayed. Safely backup these secret words. We strongly recommend you write them down or copy and store them in a safe place like a password manager. These secret words are the key to your wallet account and cannot be recovered if lost.

Step 4: Before proceeding to the next step, confirm that you have safely stored your secret phrase.

Step 5: For further verification, you will be prompted to input some of the secret words.

Step 6: Create a password that will be used to access the wallets stored in the MultiversX DeFi wallet extension. Ensure you keep this password safe as it will be needed to access your wallets regularly. Please note that this password cannot be recovered if lost.

Step 7: Completed! Your MultiversX DeFi Wallet has been successfully created and set to be used.

Import existing walletโ€‹

Do you already have a wallet?

Then there is no need to create a new one. The MultiversX Wallet Extension provides an option to import your existing wallet. However, to import an existing wallet you must have access to its secret (recovery) phrase.

The MultiversX wallet has a set of 24-words, which serve as your walletโ€™s secret phrase. Using a secret phrase to import an existing wallet does not affect your wallet in any way.

To get started:

Step 1: With the MultiversX DeFi wallet extension installed. Click on โ€˜โ€™Import existing walletโ€.

Step 2: Next, enter your 24-word secret phrase. You can either enter these words one at a time or you can simply paste in the words using the "paste" icon.

Step 3: Enter in your wallet password and confirm this password.

Step 4: Completed! Your MultiversX DeFi Wallet has been successfully imported and set to be used.

Obtaining your ERD Address

  • Open up your MultiversX Wallet extension.

  • Next, click on the "deposit" and copy wallet address.

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