Section 3: Getting ITHEUM devnet tokens via the Data DEX - MultiversX Devnet

Step 1) In the same browser as the one with your DeFi browser plugin wallet setup as above, navigate to the following devnet app:

Note that:

Step 2) Click on the “Connect MultiversX Wallet” in the app’s header and select “DeFi Wallet”

Step 3) Make sure you select the “Data Seller” account to login

Step 4) You should now be successfully logged into the Data DEX app on the MultiversX Devnet, and you will be presented with your account's "dashboard" view.

Note that your ITHEUM token balance on your header will be showing 0. The ITHEUM token is the utility token of the Itheum protocol. It will be used across the Itheum ecosystem for features such as unlocking data access and governance and generally incentivize positive behavior across Itheum's protocol apps and tools.

Step 5) Let’s now get some Devnet ITHEUM tokens to use within the Data DEX.

Locate “ITHEUM Faucet” tile on the Dashboard and click “Send me 20 ITHEUM.”

Step 6) DeFi wallet will ask you to sign the transaction. Click on Confirm.

Step 7) You should be able to see and track the Faucet transaction in real time.

Step 8) Once this is complete, you will receive 20 ITHEUM Devnet tokens that are now displayed in your dashboard header.

Step 9) Let’s wait a few minutes and use the Faucet again to claim another 20 ITHEUM Testnet tokens.

Bonus: You will notice that the Faucet has also given you some free “Claims” tokens. This is part of Itheum’s “Claims Portal,” where the protocol deposits any ecosystem tokens you are entitled to (e.g., Royalties from your Data NFTs trades will be sent here). You can claim these tokens in your wallet as well if you would like.

Step 10) You have been using the “Data Seller” account; repeat this Faucet claiming steps for the “Data Buyer” account.

Please note that the Faucet limits usage, so you can’t use it too often - if you try this, you will receive error messages.

You are now ready to enter the world of decentralized data brokerage, where you can mint and trade your data as Data NFTs or procure other Data NFTs from the Data NFT Marketplace.

Let’s explore these features.

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