MultiversX xDay Hackathon

Itheum was a proud sponsor of the XDay 2023 Hackathon that will be held between September 21st - October 21st 2023.

Please note that this Hackathon has been completed.

This is our contribution to boost development activity within the MultiversX and the Itheum Ecosystems, we are proud to sponsor the "Infrastructure and Dev Tooling" Track.

There are 3 Sub-Streams in which you can participate to boost usage, integration and adoption of MultiversX and Itheum technology and the rewards and prices will be distributed based on your outcomes with these streams. Let's explore:

[Sub-Stream 1] Improve the DX (developer experience) of building on:

MultiversX Blockchain

[Sub-Stream 2] Improve the DX (developer experience) of building on:

Itheum Protocol

[Sub-Stream 3] Are on working on other tracks like DeFi, AI, Gaming?

Use Itheum Tech in your solution as part of the #BuildOnItheum program.

It's time to #BuildOnItheum

Along with promoting development within the MultiversX blockchain, we are also promoting developers and integrators to build on top of Itheum.

Itheum is also calling all hackathon developers across all tracks to "#BuildOnItheum". Did you know that Itheum is Web3 Data brokerage infrastructure? This means that you can use our platform as a data brokerage infrastructure layer for your DApp. The top 5 most creative ideas that utilize Itheum Technology "under the hood" will share in a price pool of 500,000 ITHEUM tokens.

Why should you #BuildOnItheum?

  • Are you ready to give your DApp users ownership of their data and identity?

  • Are you looking at building highly personalized web3 DApps by allowing users to share data with consent? (e.g., personalized DeFi)

  • Are you looking to promote data sovereignty and regulation-friendly solutions that utilize blockchain solutions?

  • Are you an enterprise that wants to set itself apart with a CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiative promoting data ownership over data exploitation?

  • Are you someone who wants to promote ethical AI where models are trained with data sourced with consent and traceability?

  • Are you ready to take back control of the world wide web?

Let's begin your Hackathon journey...

We want to get you started quick, so we have put together some resources and ideas to "jump start" your creativity.

[Sub-Stream 2 Ideas] Itheum Dev Tooling and Infra

[Sample Data NFTs]

To build the ideas mentioned here, we have produced test Data NFTs that can get you started quick. View them here

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How can you Participate?

The Hackathon is being run by Encode Club. To participate, head over here and register today

Rules and FAQs?

Head over here for a list of rules and FAQs

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