Liveliness Score States

Each Data NFT will have its own Liveliness Score (see Data Creator Bonding). The following are the various States they can be in and what it means to you as a Data Consumer.

Active Liveliness Score

The Data Creator has deposited a Slashable Bond (sBond) against a Data NFT and it's in the active stage, where the Data Creator has demonstrated their commitment to keep the Data NFT's Data Stream "active" and "up" or risk losing their sBond. The sBond has a โ€œBond Periodโ€ (e.g. 3 Months), after which the Data Creator can remove the sBond without any penalty. As we get closer to this "expiry date", the Liveliness of the Data Creator's Data NFT "depletes". A Data Creator can keep renewing the sBond to maintain a "fuller" Liliviness score, further showing a commitment to Data Consumers that they are an active and serious Data Creators with a good reputation.

Liveliness Score Expired

As detailed above, once a โ€œBond Periodโ€ (e.g. 3 Months) expires, you will see this "Liveliness score expired" message against Data NFTs. This can indicate that the Data Creator no longer gives you, the Data Consumer any guarantee that their will continue to maintain the Data NFT's Data Stream or support it. OR, it could also mean that the Data Creator just has not got around to "renewing" it. Ultimately, you as a Data Consumer, can make an "informed" decision on if you want to proceed to buying and using the Data NFT.

Liveliness Score Unavailable

This state is an artifact of Livelines Scores being introduced AFTER some Data NFTs were already minted. In the rare situation that you do see this status message, it could mean that the Data Creator, who was most likely offered an opportunity to set up a Liveliness Score after the Creator Bonding feature was launched, has not yet made a decision on if they should proceed.

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