Itheum xPand DAO

Tasked with the responsibility of managing 23.50% of the token supply allocated for ecosystem growth, Itheum xPand DAO employs community voting mechanisms to transparently distribute tokens. The Itheum xPand DAO will release tokens in "Batches" and each batch will comprise of smaller "Programs". As an example:

  1. It was publicly announced in Paris xDay 2022 that 1,000,000 ITHEUM tokens which will be part of this as Batch 1 of the Itheum xPand DAO's initiatives to growth the Itheum ecosystem.

  2. It was publicly announced on XDay 2023, that from Batch 1 of 1,000,000 ITHEUM tokens, we will set assign 500,000 ITHEUM tokens specifically for projects that use Itheum technology and build on it as part of the MultiversX 2023 XDay MultiversX xDay Hackathon.

Batches are Programs coordinated by the Itheum xPand Grants Program. Learn more about it in the next section and discover how you can participate.

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