๐Ÿ”“Data Marshal Network

A decentralized Data Broker that facilitates both data ownership and sharing

The Itheum Data Marshal Network is the cornerstone of the Itheum Data Brokerage protocol, a revolutionary initiative that challenges the status quo of data ownership and usage. In today's world, centralized data brokers often operate in the shadows, profiting from your data without your consent or knowledge, leaving you with no share of the value generated from this secretive trade. Itheum envisions a decentralized data brokerage network that grants data creators ownership of their data and liberates it from silos, enabling transparent and equitable data trading.

The Decentralized Data Brokerage Network:

Itheum is paving the way for a globally scalable decentralized data brokerage layer that empowers data creators while unlocking the true potential of data. Central to this ecosystem is the Data Marshal Network, a crucial component that functions as a middleware layer of broker nodes operating independently from data creators and consumers. Think of it as a node in the network, facilitating the exchange of data.

Accessible and Open:

During its early stages, the Itheum Foundation operates two Data Marshal Network nodes, ensuring the smooth functioning of data brokerage activities within the protocol. However, the ultimate goal is to open this network to the public, allowing anyone to run their own node. If you're interested in minting a Data NFT, you can use your private Data Marshal node for complete control over your data brokerage activities. Reach out to us to learn more about running your own Data Marshal node.

The Future of Data Brokerage: Itheum Fabric:

As the Itheum protocol continues to evolve, we're actively designing and testing an enhanced version of the Data Marshal Network called "Itheum Fabric." This advanced network leverages multi-party computation technologies to offer the brokerage services necessary for global scalability. While still in early development, Itheum Fabric represents a vital element of our decentralization roadmap.

Staking and Participation:

With Itheum Fabric, we aim to democratize participation by allowing anyone to stake and join the Data Marshal Network. Your node can participate in a consensus mechanism that governs data brokerage activities and earns rewards for securing the network, facilitating data trades, and maintaining availability and uptime.

Towards Data Sovereignty:

The Data Marshal Network is in its infancy, with a vision to evolve into a decentralized network of broker nodes operating autonomously, fostering openness and inclusivity. We are dedicated to reshaping the future of data sovereignty and invite you to join us on this transformative journey.

Are your a Cryptographer or Distributer System Designer? Join Our Team!:

As we continue to develop Itheum Fabric and expand the Data Marshal Network, we are actively seeking cryptographers and distributed system designers to collaborate with us. Join us in creating a future where data ownership and control are in the hands of the creators and the possibilities for data are limitless.

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