<BiTz> XP System

Earn Itheum <BiTz> XP Points as your Explore and Use The Itheum Protocol.

The Itheum <BiTz> XP system was launched on April 1, 2024 (April Fools Day) as a Meme Data NFT Collection. It was introduced as a "Proof of XP" Data NFT Collection for the active participants of the Itheum Ecosystem. Unlike other XP systems, this platform is built on our own "Data NFT" technology and we just completed an airdrop of the IXPG1 collection for the most active members of the Itheum community!

Users can use this XP Data NFT to "unlock" and play a fun "Meme Burn" game to collect XP every 3 - 6 hours. Other tasks and activities within the Itheum Protocol also earn you XP points. Top users from the leaderboard earn special perks and Data NFT drops each month.

Let's continue our exploration of "Itheum Life" by diving into Phase 1, the Itheum BiTz XP System.

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