Section 1: Setting up wallets on Astar Network - Shibuya Testnet

Step 1) Install MetaMask and connect to the Astar Network Shibuya Network

Here are the details you can use to add the new network to MetaMask:

There are some details provided here as well one this.

Now, your MetaMask wallet is ready to be used in the Shibuya Network.

Step 2) In Metamask, you should have two accounts set up to simulate a Data Seller and Data Buyer workflow.

Follow the official instructions here:

For easy reference, we can name the accounts:

  • Data Seller

  • Data Buyer

Step 3) You will need some SBY (Astar Shibuya) tokens to pay gas for transactions.

The quickest way we found to get some SBY from the Faucet is via the chaindrop faucet located here :

There are also other faucet options detailed here:

Use the faucet to get some SBY into your Data Seller and Data Buyer MetaMask Accounts.

Step 4) After completing the above steps, you should have your MetaMask state looking similar to the image below.

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