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Here are some ideas to get your "creative juices" flowing. Note that these are just ideas and not "instructions," so use these to get some inspiration for your original ideas!

AI-Powered Smart Contract Development Tools

Develop AI-assisted tools for easier smart contract documentation generation, robust auditing that provides security recommendations and best practice recommendations for general coding patterns and complex coding patterns like cross-shard callback error handling and enhanced gas estimation etc. Ideally these tools should have seamless integration with developer platforms like Visual Studio Code and GitHub.

Streamlined End-to-End QA Tools for MVX DApps

This is one of the most requested features from existing MultiversX Ecosystem projects. Create an end-to-end automated quality assurance framework tailored for MultiversX DApps that have integrated wallets via SDK Core or other frameworks, automating the testing process of app features that also require wallet interactions. A perfect example would be a framework or "starter projects" for end-to-end testing using a tool like

Interact with xExchange and other core tools Using SC Rust Modules

Create SC Rust modules for effortless on-chain interactions with xExchange and other popular MultiversX blockchain ecosystem tools, making composability between various ecosystem tools more seamless.

Simple Event Querying Service

Build an Event querying service akin to the service The Graph provides, simplifying blockchain data access without the need for custom indexing solutions, saving time for developers and boosting user experience of DApps.

Revolutionize Wallet Security with Web3Auth

Embark on the journey to develop a secure and user-friendly wallet abstraction service similar to Web3Auth, enhancing the safety of blockchain transactions. Ideally, the solution should not be a centralized, custodial solution (e.g., storing wallers on behalf of users in a database); instead, it should be a dynamic, deterministic, and non-custodial solution. This is a complex challenge but will benefit many projects in the Ecosystem.

TypeScript Smart Contract Framework

Introduce a TypeScript-based smart contract framework, widening the MultiversX developer community by offering a more accessible language for building "simple" smart contracts.

Innovative Wallet Experiences for tokens (ESDT, NFTs, SFTs)

Innovate and design new wallet experiences dedicated to ESDT, NFTs, SFTs, and other blockchain assets, enhancing user engagement and functionality.

Enhanced Security Notifications with Browser Plugins

Develop browser plugins that proactively notify users of potential security issues when visiting MultiversX sites or decentralized applications (dApps), safeguarding their digital assets and preventing scams, "wallet drains" or "rug pulls."

Developer-Friendly MultiversX Tools

Create libraries, SDKs, toolkits, and resources aimed at simplifying MultiversX DApp development, reducing the learning curve for newcomers, and empowering developers to build with ease.

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