Itheum Explorer


Main Features / Changes

  • Added the "Bober Game Room" widget, enhancing user engagement and entertainment options within Explorer.

  • Introduced a "Recent and Trending NFTs" section, providing users with easy access to the latest and most popular NFTs.

  • Resolved various bugs and QoL improvements for Bitz functionality, ensuring a smoother user experience.

  • Enhanced NF-Tunes functionality by adding support for multiple collections and addressing various bugs.

  • Added "Get Bitz Ready-to-Play" animation and dropdown, providing users with engaging visual elements and easy access to Bitz features.

  • Introduced support for extra assets and viewing of extra media assets.

  • Added support for DataNFT PH functionality, improving compatibility and interoperability across platforms.


Main Features / Changes

  • Introduced the "Get Bitz - XP System" widget, enhancing user engagement and interaction.

  • Improved load times for NF-Tunes, ensuring faster access to music data.


Main Features / Changes

  • Various user interface improvements to enhance usability.

  • Introduced the Time Capsule Widget.


Main Features / Changes

  • Introducing the new NF-Tunes landing page, offering an immersive experience for exploring the world of NFT music.

  • Enhancements in UI/UX stability for a smoother and more intuitive browsing experience.

  • Introducing the time capsule data widget, allowing users to dive into historical data with ease.

  • Quick access to our status page link for instant updates on platform.


Main Features / Changes

  • Misc. Performance & Code Base Improvements: Fine-tuning Itheum Explorer for optimal performance and reliability.


Main Features / Changes

  • Integrated xPortal Hub: Explorer now seamlessly integrates with the xPortal Hub, offering comprehensive view data functionality.

  • xAlias (Google) Login: Conveniently log in using your Google account to enhance accessibility.

  • Lightweight Redesign: Bootstrap and other libraries have been removed to create a more lightweight and efficient Explorer.

  • Improved Readability: Enjoy improved readability, especially in light mode when using Ledger.

  • Bug Fixes: Issues related to viewing data in the wallet after opening multiple NFTs in a row have been resolved.

  • Miscellaneous Enhancements: Code cleanup, library updates, and other improvements have been implemented for a smoother Explorer experience.


Main Features / Changes

  • Integration with xPortal Hub: New feature to view data directly in Explorer, enhancing data accessibility.

  • Autoplay Feature in NF-Tunes App: Autoplay functionality has been implemented, offering a more seamless audio experience.

  • Continuous Improvements: Ongoing minor bug fixes and user experience enhancements.


Main Features / Changes

  • Dark mode refined with visual updates, for a more immersive experience.

  • Modal behavior has been fine-tuned, optimizing user interactions and navigation.

  • MP3 app implemented in Explorer, based on nested streams.


Main Features / Changes

  • Support for NativeAuth login in the Explorer DApp. Users who are already logged can seamlessly access the Explorer DApp and "View Data" without having to re-sign transactions. This enhancement streamlines the user experience.

  • Enhanced zooming mechanism for Bubbles app. Users can better pan and zoom on the Multiversx-bubbles app.


Main Features / Changes

  • Added support for Multi-Page PDF documents in Explorer and launched the MultiversX Infographics custom app on the App Marketplace.

  • Added enhanced support for the MultiversX Bubble App UX.

  • Changed button text for Trailblazer modal from "Open Dialog" to "Launch Quest."

  • Completely redesigned the app appearance.

  • Deprecate bootstrap and added Tailwind as the styling library.

  • Added balance and total supply to wallet cards.

  • Updated mx libraries.

  • Introduced security checks for "filter" issues in the wallet (for JSON, SVG) to inform users and provide advice for the next steps.

  • Implemented signMessage using the correct approach as useSignMessage.

  • Made MultiversX Bubble SVG links open in the same window.

  • Added a message on the wallet page for View Data when using the Web Wallet since it's not supported yet.

  • Provided a message to alert the user when opening a PDF in a new window.

  • Enabled support for viewing SVGs as MultiversX Bubbles in a new tab.

  • Fixed miscellaneous wab wallet UX issues when signing messages and opening files or conducing various web3 actions.

Bug Fixing

  • Tweaked the Trailblazer view (changed title from "Itheum Trailblazer" to simply "Trailblazer," adjusted time to display the actual time instead of 00:00:00 GMT).

  • Fixed an SDK error in the Explorer where creating data NFTs from the API wasn't displaying data.

  • Rectified the issue on the View Data of items in the Wallet where Data NFT content wasn't rendering properly, and the Web Wallet wasn't working in the Explorer Wallet.

  • Fixed the second modal on the View Data which was appearing at the bottom of the page during testing.

  • Corrected the appearance of the login button to be displayed as an actual button in the navbar.

  • Ensured that Listed Offers Cards have the same information as the marketplace.

  • Renamed the login button from "Browser Wallet" to "DeFi Wallet."

  • Resolved the Web Wallet signature failure when trying to view data 2 or more times.

  • Fixed the issue of viewing a PDF from the wallet redirecting to a new tab.

  • Corrected the problem where opening a PDF using Web Wallet redirected to an invalid page before signing the transaction.

  • Addressed the design break when switching from dark to light mode.


Main Feature / Changes

  • Trailblazer App: Added the web viewer for quest forms.

  • Added mp3 file player support.

  • Added a message to notify user to sign data from a Ledger or xPortal.

  • Added detection for SVG file to be rendered as SVG so it can be interactive.

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed the showing of supply 0 even if itโ€™s not the case

  • Fixed misc issues on My Listed and My Wallet pages to reflect accurate data from on-chain lookup

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