Guide 1 : Get Started with the Data DEX on Astar Network

Essential Points to Note about the Astar Network EVM version:

  • The EVM version of the Data DEX running on Astar Network is in its early form and an active work in progress. It does not yet have the feature completeness of the primary Data DEX that has been deployed to the MultiversX Mainnet on

  • This initial version only supports Astar Networkโ€™s Shibuya Testnet

The features that are not yet available yet on Astar Network:

  • Stability of wallet connection on page reloads (the wallet disconnects and needs to be manually signed in again)

  • EVM Data Marshal Support (a decentralized data broker node)

  • Semi Fungible token designs (allowing for multiple supplies of Data NFTs to be minted and traded)

  • Burning Data NFTs

  • Listing and DeListing from the Data NFT Marketplace

  • Re-trading purchased Data NFTs (currently once purchased, the Data NFTs become soulbound - but a feature will be added to allow for the Buyer to re-trade by updating price)

  • Price updates after minting

  • Real-time Data Uptime Checks before Buying Data NFTs

  • Itheum Explorer (the primary app for the community to unlock and view data assets in unique and engaging ways)

  • Itheum SDK (the 3rd party SDK that allows anyone to integrate directly with the Itheum protocol. E.g., a web3 gaming platform can use the SDK to allow its gamer to share Data NFTs that contain the gamerโ€™s personal data, which can then be used to customize the gameplay experience for each gamer)

  • Data NFT Minters whitelisting (ideally, not everyone can mint Data NFTs as we need to ensure bad actors donโ€™t spam the Data DEX with erroneous data)

  • DAO governance for Marketplace curation and 3rd party Marketplace management (i.e. ensuring payment of creator royalties and whitelisting based on this)

  • Security Audits on smart contracts

Let's get started...

This guide will walk you through the workflow to use the Web3 Gamer Passport to trade Sony Playstation gamer data as a Data NFT.

Not a Playstation gamer? No worries, you can still try it by simulating a demo gaming account we have set up for you.

In the next few sections, we will do all the steps required to "Get Started" on using the Data DEX on Astar Network. We will:

  1. Setup some new Astar Network Testnet Wallets using MetaMask

  2. Fund those new wallets with SBY (Astar's Testnet gas token) via a Faucet

  3. Log into the Data DEX and claim ITHEUM devnet tokens via a Faucet

So letโ€™s get startedโ€ฆ

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