Minting a Data NFT

Organizations or entities can use the tool provided by the Data DEX to mint their Data NFTs and put them for trade in the Data NFT Marketplace. High-value datasets or Data Streams can be assembled for minting and these can be of various formats; JSON, PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, MP3, MP4, CSV, and so on. Tags will further categorize these Data NFTs to enable consumers to locate and consume these datasets.

To mint a Data NFT a user has to first be whitelisted

  1. Head over to the Data DEX

  2. Click on "Mint Dat NFT"

  1. Users will be required to fill in the Metadata form to mint the Data NFT.

Section 1:

  1. Data Stream URL: The Data Stream URL will be dynamically served to the holders of the Data NFT

  2. Data Preview URL: This URL will be publicly available. It is desirable to provide the potential buyer an insight into the main Data Stream so they get an idea of the data asset they are acquiring

Section 2:

  1. Token Name: The unique name given to the NFT representing your dataset

  2. Dataset Title: A concise title that represents the content or subject of your dataset

  3. Dataset Description: A brief description providing an overview of the dataset's contents or purpose

  4. Number of copies: The total number of identical copies of the Data NFT that can be minted

  5. Royalties: The percentage of future trades or transfers of the Data NFT that the creator will receive as a royalty

  6. Extra Asset URL: Additional context can be placed in the form of an extra Asset. This can be reflected in the Datadex. The uniquely generated Data NFT image will be observed in tandem with the extra asset image set.

Section 3:

  1. Select a donation percentage, this would taken as a percentage from the total supply.. Note that donation is not necessary.

  2. Once the appropriate donation percentage is set click on "Next".

Section 4:

  1. Carefully read through the Liveliness Bonding description.

  2. Review the Bonding Amount and Bonding Period.

  3. Review the Penalties and Slashing description.

  4. Carefully review the Penalties and slashing terms.

  5. Agree to "Liveliness Bonding: Penalties and Slashing Terms"

Section 5:

  1. Read carefully and Agree to Terms of Use

  2. Agree to Anti-Spam Fee deduction (This fee is used to help screen out bad actors from providing spam datasets)

  3. Click on "Mint Your Data NFT" and sign the transaction. You will be provided with progress updates on the minting of the Data NFT. Once the mint is successful, you will be redirected to your Data NFT Wallet, where you will be able to view your new Data NFT

After minting your new Data NFT, your next step is most likely be Listing a Data NFTon the Data NFT Marketplace

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