๐Ÿ“˜Data Coalition DAOs (DC DAOs) Guides

Using Data Coaltions DAOs powered by the Itheum Protocol and PeerMe, you will be able to launch "bulk trading" Data DAOs that are extremely powerful. Read more about Data Coalition DAOs (DC DAOs)

Data Coalition DAOs are still in their early stages but the infrastructure has been built and is now available. The foundation concept of how a Data Coalition DAO can operate is by having a governance layer powered by DAO Smart Contracts that have "consented temporary ownership" of your Data NFTs, and then can "deputize" a 3rd party externally-owned wallet to be able to access the Data inside the Data NFTs so it can do something useful with the data (e.g. Bulk the data assets and analyze them). This feature can be achieved via the Appointer > Delegator Pattern for Deputizing.

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