FAQ - Data NFT Marketplace

  1. I want to mint a Data NFT, does Itheum provide storage facilities for my file?

Storage of the relevant material has to be undertaken by the minter thereby ensuring complete ownership of the data by the minter. Itheum offers a guide to assist users in leveraging AWS for file hosting, thereby providing a solution for data storage.

  1. How do I procure a data NFT from the Data NFT Marketplace?

To buy a Data NFT, you will need a supported wallet on the Multiversx blockchain. A sufficient quantity of ITHEUM tokens is required to cover the fee for procuring the Data NFT, and MultiversX EGLD is needed to cover the transaction cost/gas fees.

  1. Why can't I trade Data NFTs in regular 3rd Party NFT Marketplaces?

Data NFTs are a new type of NFT technology. Therefore Itheum is launching Data NFTs with some "guardrails" attached until support for this technology is more widely adopted to protect Data Creators (who mint Data NFTs), buyers, sellers, and consumers. Initially, Data NFTs can only be traded in Itheum's own Data NFT Marketplace, which has all the user protection guardrails built into it. We aim to progressively work with 3rd Party NFT Marketplaces to get them to support the technology and guardrails. If you want to know more about this topic, please readGuardrail : Trading Data NFTs on 3rd Party NFT Marketplaces

  1. How does Itheum connect the data creators/providers and the consumer?

Itheum provides the data brokerage infrastructure for data creators/providers and consumers to interact. Data creators possess the Data NFT license on the blockchain, allowing them to reach out to potential data consumers and serve access to datasets and streams through the procurement of the Data NFT.

  1. What file types can I mint?

Users can mint various file types, including CSVs, JSON, MP3, JPEG, TXT, and other data file formats. However, EXE or other executable file types are not recommended as they pose a security risk. Users are required to agree to the Terms of Use and abide by them. A breach may result in the freezing of the Data NFT.

  1. What is the maximum listing price for a Data NFT?

A Data NFT currently has a maximum list price of 1,000 ITHEUM. This figure is subject to change and will be clearly communicated when listing a Data NFT on the marketplace.

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