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Data NFT

"Supercharged NFTs" backed by your data
Data NFTs are a unique category of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that represent "ownership rights" of data assets. They provide a novel way to represent and trade data as a limited-edition asset class and enable seamless portability and exchange of data assets with consent.
A Data NFT represents the "ownership" of static or dynamic data assets, enabling individuals, organizations, and brands to tokenize and then share or trade data access rights. Think of it as a "transferable license" to share or trade your original data assets like you would with any other NFT asset.
When minting a Data NFT, the "origin location" of the data asset being wrapped is associated with the Data NFT on the blockchain. The "origin location" is called the Data Stream URL, and it can exist in any decentralized or centralized "origin" location (IPFS, Arweave, AWS, Github, etc.).The Data Stream URL is encrypted by Data Marshal nodes (distributed data brokers), and access to the Data Stream URL is only granted to the holder of a Data NFT.
Therefore, Data NFTs are "supercharged" NFTs backed by your Data. Let's dive deeper into Data NFTs...