Bonus BiTz for protocol usage

Apart from playing the Get BiTz game, users can gain bonus BiTz by engaging in various aspects of the Itheum Protocol.

How to Earn Bonus BiTz

  • Exploring Data NFTs: Users who actively engage with the platform will be rewarded with extra BiTz points.

  • Marking Favorites: Show your appreciation for your favorite Data NFTs and Data Creators by marking them as favorites on the Data DEX. Each favorite marked will earn you extra BiTz points.

  • Utilizing Data Uptime Checks: Ensure the reliability and availability of data streams by performing Data Uptime Checks. Your contribution to maintaining data integrity will be rewarded with additional BiTz points.

  • Embedding Data Widgets: Enhance your web presence by embedding Data Widgets within the Itheum Explorer. Each successful widget embedding will earn you extra BiTz points.

These activities will help you earn extra BiTz points and contribute to the overall health and growth of the Itheum ecosystem.

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