Guide 2 : Procure Data NFTs from the peer-to-peer Data NFT Marketplace on Astar Network

Let’s get familiar with using our Data NFTs wallet and also procuring Data NFTs from the peer to peer Data NFT Marketplace. Let’s begin.


  • You need to complete Guide 1 before you can continue with this Guide 2.

Let's get started...

Step 1) Swap to your “Data Buyer” account on MetaMask. If you followed Guide 1, you should already have SBY (Astar Network Shibuya tokens) and ITHEUM Testnet tokens in your wallet.

Step 2) Click on the “Wallet” section in the Header on your App. You will be taken to your Data NFT wallet. As you are just starting, you will notice that you do not have any Data NFTs yet.

Let’s change this now and buy some Data NFTs from the Data NFT Marketplace (Market)

Step 3) Click on the “Market” section in the Header on your App, and you will be taken to the public Data NFT Marketplace. You should be able to see public Data NFTs listed here.

Step 4) As it’s a fully public, permissionless, and open marketplace, you will most likely see many Data NFTs from various Data Creators (people who mint Data NFTs and list them for trade). It’s HIGHLY advisable that you DO NOT buy random Data NFTs as they may contain spam content in the Testnet environment.

Scroll through the list until you find a Data NFT with the “Verified” checkmark. The Itheum Team has published these, and they can be safely used for procuring and testing.

Step 5) If you cannot find any (which would mean that they have all been procured and new “verified” Data NFTs have not been put up for trade yet by the team), then look for Data NFTs that pre-built Data C.A.T apps have generated. A good example is any Data NFT with the title “My Sony Playstation Data”, As these are Data NFTs from the Web3 Gamer Passport app built on the Data C.A.T, they will have legitimate data behind them.

Step 6) Once you find a Data NFT you want to procure, click on the “Procure Data NFT” button, and you will be promoted with a summary of the token fee required to unlock the data. This includes any royalties and marketplace tax applied.

We will procure the Data NFT titled “Visualising the History of Pandemics”; it was listed for 10 ITHEUM in this case.

Carefully read and agree to the terms of use, then click on Proceed.

Step 7) You will need to now follow a 2-step process to procure the Data NFT.

Sign the 1st TX to provide the Data DEX with the “Allowance” to spend the ITHEUM tokens to complete the trade.

Step 8) You can monitor the Allowance TX until it’s a success.

Step 9) Once the Allowance TX is complete, you will be provided the 2nd TX that will procure the Data NFT. Sign this transaction, and then you can monitor the procurement transaction until completion.

Step 10) Once this has been completed, you become the new Owner of the Data NFT!

Please note that as this is early stage version of the Data DEX, there has been some reports of one or both of the above transactions failing. If this happens and you have not been given an indicative error message on the screen, then please try again.

Step 11) You can now head over to your Data NFT Wallet.

Click on the “Wallet” section in the Header on your App again to head to your Data NFT Wallet. You can now see the Data NFT you procured. Notice how you spent some ITHEUM tokens for this transaction, which has been distributed directly to the Data NFT creator and Creator Royalties to the Creator, and Marketplace Fees sent to the Marketplace.

Step 12) You can “Preview Data” and “View Data” to see the underlying data within the Data NFT.

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