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Data DEX


Main Features / Changes
  • Alpha Release of Itheum Enterprise UI: Introduces the ability to deploy minter contracts and create Data NFT collections directly through a user interface, leveraging the SDK.
  • Transition to New Devnet: Successful switch to an updated development network for enhanced performance and stability.
  • Login Versioning for Data Dex and Explorer: Implemented version control for logins. Users accessing with an outdated version are automatically logged out, addressing the issue of repeated refreshes.
  • General Improvements: Minor bug fixes and user experience enhancements have been applied across the platform.
  • Optimized Interaction Table on NFT Details Page: Enhanced performance and added support for various marketplaces.
  • Data Stream Live check Update: Modified to better support specific requirements of private networks.


Main Features / Changes
  • Users will no longer inadvertently land on the Devnet. This clear segregation ensures a smooth user experience.
  • Clicking "Explore" on a Data NFT now seamlessly redirects users to the Itheum Explorer, with automatic login for added convenience.


Main Features / Changes
  • Integration with Native Auth via the Data Marshal on Data DEX. Users can now use the "View data" feature without the sign message workflow, enhancing the overall UX of the platform.


Main Features / Changes
  • Early preview release of "Data Creator' profile pages. Click on any address in the Data DEX and discover more activity about the Data Creator or Data Owner.
  • Logged in user can also see their "Profile Page".
  • Significant speed updates on interactions like list, marketplace paging, price updates, delist etc. Achieved via an asynchronous api layer that sits between the DApp and Blockchain.
  • Significant performance updates by remove React Context based chainMeta method. This will allow for less complex releases in future.
  • Major redesign of the Data NFT Creator onboarding whitelist page.
  • Added an explore button for the multiversX infographics app.
  • New UI design and style updates, new default fonts etc
  • Redesigned the horizontal scroll bar in the marketplace and wallet to be more user-friendly on mobile.
  • On devnet - made the PlayStation test app onboarding form adaptive to various screen sizes.
  • Adjusted the routing so that /markeplace/my now redirects to /marketplace.
  • Updated the ChakraUI library.
  • Fixed miscellaneous wab wallet UX issues when signing messages and opening files or conducing various web3 actions.
Bug Fixing
  • Fixed UI issues on the details page of NFTs (curved edges overlapping sharp edges, space between copy button and price, showing "nothing here" even if there are offers, offers not aligned properly).
  • Resolved the issue on the details page of NFTs where 0 offers were still showing "nothing here."
  • Rectified the problem where manually refreshing was required to update the price.
  • Fixed the profile page to show the correct listed data count.
  • Corrected the issue in the Web Wallet where updating the price of a listed data NFT and signing the transaction redirected to the wrong tab.
  • Addressed visual bugs (ensured Modals have the same color, improved Modal badges, ensured changing from marketplace data NFTs to listed data NFTs keeps the marketplace button disabled, improved appearance of the table age field).
  • Fixed the guardRails page on the historic component to make back and forward buttons work.
  • Made the xPortal modal responsive in light mode.
  • Fixed the /settings page not loading.
  • Resolved the issue where accessing a bad URL offer displayed a message for the user to be aware that the link is wrong or no longer available.
  • Fixed the Details page to be aware of the environment variable for buy limitation.
  • Corrected the View Data sign message prompt from transaction to message and added detection for ledger or xPortal.
  • Fixed the Web Wallet signature on View Data when the button is clicked 2 or more times.
  • Fixed the issue where Recent Data NFTs were not showing on the production build.
  • Addressed the problem of devnet multiversX explorer being invoked from mainnet in a marketplace item.
  • Fixed the disabled preview data button when the user is not logged in.


Main Features / Changes
  • xPortal hub support
  • Added the "explore" button for DATA-NFT's for the 1-click discovery of supported data visualizer apps on "Itheum Explorer"
  • Show the "other offers" section on the details page
  • Data DEX Web2 API is used to improve UX (like showing ordered other offers), but Data DEX gracefully falls back to full web3 mode if Web2 API is unavailable
  • Make demo apps like Playstation passport / Strava etc. to be unavailable in mainnet until integration is complete
  • Created an animation on hover DATA NFT to hint that clicking on it opens the details model view
  • Changed DATA NFT detail drawer into a modal
  • Changed the Terms of use and also added a feature that will alert the user to any changes to terms of use
  • Redirect a non-logged-in user to the same offer page they were viewing after they connected their wallet
  • Changed the confirm ledger modal to be more appealing
  • Added a button for accessing the Canary Dashboard from mobile too
Bug Fixing
  • Fixing burning and listing action to appear in the activity tab inside Wallet
  • Fixed the problem of routes accessible without being logged in
  • Fixed the item count inside the Marketplace tabs
  • Fixed when trying to connect with web wallet and cancel redirect to /abort route
  • Fixed on DATA-NFT details page didn’t show offers on every link even /tokenIdentifier and /tokerIdentifier/offer-[number]
  • Fixed the Recent Claim Transaction and Recent Data NFT Interaction pages to show a message to the user if no data appears
  • Fixed DATA NFT details page to show a message to the user if no other offers are present
  • Fixed on DATA NFT details page offers section to be mobile friendly
  • Fixed whitelisted addresses to show correctly inside the Canary Dashboard page
  • Fixed the marketplace Paused overlay to be full height
  • Fixed the UI bug inside my listed data page that wouldn’t update the price of a DATA-NFT in real time when the user edited it