Listing a Data NFT

Upon minting or procuring a Data NFT, the Data NFT will be viewable in the "Wallet" on the Data Dex.

The user can then choose to list their Data NFT in the "Market" (Data NFT Marketplace).

The Owner has to set the following to list the NFT:

  • Number of NFTs to list (If you had minted multiple copies, how many you would like to list in a single offer)

  • The List Price or Unlock Fee per unit (if you had minted multiple copies and you would like to list multiple copies in a single offer, then this is the fee per copy)

Upon invoking the listing, the owner is prompted with a confirmation message that provides a summary and breakdown of the fee split.

Prior to listing, an uptime check is performed to validate the real-time uptime availability of the Data Stream. If the stream is detected to be live, the owner must read and agree to the Terms of Use. Upon proceeding, the owner has to sign a transaction to finalize the listing in the marketplace. Once the listing is successfully completed, you can head over to the "Market" (Data NFT Marketplace) to view your offer. Here you will be able to use the "My Listed Data NFT(s)" tab to view your listed Data NFTs and "De-List" them or "Update Price" on them at any time.

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