CanaryNet Guardrails

CanaryNet "Guardrails" are put in place to protect users in the ecosystem while allowing real-world usage of the technology. These guardrails include whitelisted data creator minting, time limits between new Data NFT minting, anti-spam tax, community-based curation, and more. As the technology matures and gains acceptance, it is anticipated that guardrails will be removed progressively, thereby enabling unrestricted usage and adoption of Itheum's technology.

"CanaryNet" aims to protect end-users and position Itheum's technology for mainstream adoption while adhering to regulation and operational excellence.

Guardrails in place for the Mainnet launch:

1. Whitelisted Data Creator Minting

2. Time limits between new Data NFT minting

3. High Anti-Spam TAX to prevent spam minting by Whitelisted Data Creators

4. Transparent โ€œCommunity-Based Curationโ€ of Data NFTs

  • Spam Data NFT identification and removal

  • Community channels to report malicious Data NFTs or Data Creators

  • Complaint reporting and handling

  • Freezing bad actors (Data Creators)

5. Max pricing ceiling per Data NFT

6. [Guardrail removed on 23 Dec 2023] Whitelisted 3rd party NFT marketplaces (Read more Guardrail : Trading Data NFTs on 3rd Party NFT Marketplaces)

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