Version 1: How it Works

Version 1 of Trailblazer DAO is not in its final form of decentralization and will progressively open up its decentralization vectors. Version 1 will have the following characteristics and will be focused on Itheum Life : Creator Bonding governance:

  • The DAO runs on PeerMe and can be accessed here (Coming Soon)

  • It will be a Multi-Sig based DAO to execute Smart Contract commands that contract Itheum life Creator Bodning mechanism.

  • It will have 5 users with an Admin role who can vote and propose changes to the Itheum Life : Creator Bonding (e.g. Bond Amount / Duration) as well as to curate potential bad actors by penalizing and slashing.

    • Initially, Admin roles are held by core Itheum protocol contributors + PeerMe contributors

    • Voting is done via a 3 of 5 MultiSig approval or rejection of proposal.

    • All proposals are public

    • In the future, this proposal voting mechanism will be replaced by either Trailblazer Data NFT holders or ITHEUM stakers/holders, etc (TBF)

  • It will also have a public "Community" section where anyone can create a "thread". This is the starting point for "community curation of Data NFT and Creators". e.g. Someone in the public wants to raise a concern with a Data NFT that has "downtime" and no data stream active.

    • Once a thread is raised, Admins will initiate some follow-up discussions and if needed take action "e.g. warn and penalize a Data Creator"

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