Section 1: Setting up wallets on the MultiversX Blockchain - Devnet

Step 1) Install and use a supported MultiversX wallet. There are multiple options available; for this guide, we recommend and use the DeFi Browser Wallet [guide goes here]

Once you set up your first Wallet per the guide, this account will be your โ€œMainโ€ Wallet.

Step 2) With the โ€œMainโ€ Wallet, you should set up two new accounts to simulate a Data Seller and Data Buyer workflow.

For easy reference, we can name the accounts:

  • Data Seller

  • Data Buyer

Before you start, ensure your Wallet is connected to the โ€œMultiversX Devnet.โ€

Step 3) Next, open your wallet and click on โ€œCreateโ€

Safely note down your secret phase (note: that we have redacted the secret phase in the below image for privacy reasons, so this image will look different from what you see on screen)

Enter your Main walletโ€™s password; this is required to set up your new wallet.

Step 4) Click on the โ€œPencilโ€ icon to edit the name and call this wallet โ€œData Buyer.โ€ Once you have done this, repeat the above steps to create another wallet and call it โ€œData Seller.โ€

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