๐Ÿ’นData NFT Marketplace

The "Data NFT Marketplace" stands as the flagship decentralized Data NFT marketplace within the Itheum protocol, operating on blockchain technology. Functioning as a fully peer-to-peer platform, it mimics a conventional NFT marketplace while providing specialized tools that facilitate the trading of Data NFTsโ€”the pivotal asset class of the Itheum protocol. This marketplace serves as an open arena for trading Data NFTs, welcoming contributions from both individual creators and enterprise integrators.

In addition to its role in enabling Data Consumers to discover and procure Data NFT offers, the platform incorporates crucial real-time protection mechanisms. Noteworthy among these safeguards is the "Data Stream uptime checks" feature, designed to monitor that associated Data Stream behind a Data NFT and report if it's "online" or "offline". This proactive measure protects Data Consumer from acquiring decommissioned or offline data assets, reinforcing the reliability of the marketplace.

The Data NFT Marketplace seamlessly integrates into the Data DEX, and is directly accessible here

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