This Open-Source TypeScript SDK focuses on interacting with Itheum's Data NFT technology on the MultiversX blockchain. It allows developers to mint, manage, and trade Data NFTs through various methods and functionalities. It's supports both the devnet and mainnet MultiversX blockchain environments.

The SDK includes the following high-level modules:

  1. Interacting with Data NFTs (Class Docs)

    • Create new Data NFT objects

    • Fetch and process Data NFTs from the API

    • Retrieve Data NFTs owned by an address

    • Unlock data inside a DataNFT

  2. Interacting with Data NFT Minter. Also Called Data NFT-FT (Class Docs)

  3. Interacting with Data NFT Minter. Also Called Data NFT-LEASE (Class Docs)

    • Interact with the common Minter smart contract directly (Class Docs)

    • Mint new Data NFTs

    • Burn existing Data NFTs

    • Curate (Freeze, Wipe) Data NFTs

  4. Interacting with Data NFT Marketplace (Class Docs)

    • View marketplace requirements

    • View listed by address.

    • View total Offers.

For detailed documentation, usage examples and installation guide, please refer to following:

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