๐ŸฅซItheum Life : Liveliness & Reputation Signalling

The Problem to Solve:

To use blockchain technology to unlock and tokenize large volumes of โ€œpassiveโ€ data from Data Creators like you, me, and the average human on earth, we need a robust mechanism to differentiate good actors from bad actors, bots from humans. This mechanism needs to be built on strong crypto-economic game theory principles like bonding, penalties, rewards, and slashing.

Our Proposed Solution:

Itheum โ€œLivelinessโ€ scores are a measurement of your reputation, participation, activity, and advocacy of the new data economy. It puts in place the crypto-economic game-theory principles like bonding, penalties, rewards, and slashing to ensure that good behavior is rewarded and bad behavior is penalized. Itheum Protocolโ€™s central utility token, ITHEUM will be at the heart of this โ€œLivelinessโ€ mechanism.

The Itheum Protocol will have various mechanisms to determine the Liveliness of various participants. From Data Creators who generate data to Data Consumers who consume data to dApps that use Itheum Infrastructure, to Data Coalitions DAOs that bulk trade data, and to the general web3 community who can signal support for any of the above-mentioned user bases (e.g. stake to support a Data Creator), to even the everyday web2 community who does not care about blockchain technology and can use Itheum protocol tools to generate XP as they do in any other game or social platform. All of these Liveliness mechanisms are collectively called โ€œItheum Life' framework.

Phased Release of Itheum Life:

  • In phase 1, we launched the Itheum BiTz XP System.

  • In phase 2, we are launching Data Creator Bonding.

  • In phase 3, we are launching Data Creator Staking where everyone in the ecosystem can stake to support other participants in the Itheum ecosystem who are generating value (it should be noted that this feature is still in the early stage of design and could vary in the final form, but itโ€™s worth highlight here to show how we use a full circle of crypto-economic game theory to bootstrap this data ownership movement)

Let's begin exploring "Itheum Life" by diving into Phase 1, the Itheum BiTz XP System.

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