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Itheum Explorer

The Itheum Explorer is a standalone portal that provides tools to "explore" the potential of the Itheum Protocol. The key feature enabled by Itheum Explorer is that it allows for additional methods for accessing data within Data NFTs either visually via Data Widgets or File Viewers; this feature empowers Data Consumer with the ability to discover the potential of Data NFTs via a seamless web2 like user experience.
A range of community-built "Data Widgets" is available via Itheum Explorer's Data Widget Marketplace. These Data Widgets enable creative ways to open, visualize, and discover the potential of the raw data found within Data NFTs. These Data Widgets are "lightweight apps" that utilize the Data NFT SDK and serve as an example of how websites and apps can interact intuitively with Itheum Technology directly by unlocking data streams within Data NFTs to provide unique and engaging experiences.
Contact us to learn more about how your website or app can provide unique user experiences by building custom apps and widgets powered by Data NFTs.
Itheum Explorer can be used to "view and experience" the data within Data NFTs in 2 separate ways...

1. Raw Data View

The user can view the raw data of the Data NFT by heading to "My Wallet," which then shows you a collection of the Data NFTs you own, and then clicking on the "View Data" button of the Data NFT you want to "open" and access.
Depending on the format of the data, a basic viewer that supports file types such as JSON, CSV, Video, and Audio will launch and display your data. Please note that some data types won't be supported in the raw data view, and you should always be careful when opening Data NFTs in the Devnet environment due to the risk of nefarious files being shared by malicious parties who maybe using the Devnet Itheum protocol (on Mainnet is risk is greatly minimized as Data NFT minters need to be whitelisted and therefore are vetted)

2. Itheum Data Widget Experiences

Users can choose a Data Widget to unlock a unique lightweight app experience built using the Data NFT's raw Data Stream. Itheum Data Widgets are custom-built to read specific data formats and enable custom visualizations and interactivity powered by the raw data.

Data Widgets

Do you have an idea for a new Data Widget?

Data Widgets are "community built," so anyone can build and contribute a widget by interacting with the Open Source Itheum Explorer project. Just raise a ticket here and describe your "Widget Idea". Community developers will guide you on the next steps to build and submit your code. Once your Data Widget code has been approved and merged into the public Itheum Explorer codebase, your widget can be utilized by other users that hold the relevant Data NFTs.

Data Widgets can compose Data NFTs

Data widgets can also be built over "combinations of Data NFTs", i.e., you can mix and match various Data NFTs and build a single Widget that utilizes them. For, you can have one Data NFT that provides raw data on token holders for a specific token (e.g., EGLD), and you can have another Data NFT that holds USDC token holders and then merge them into a single widget visualization that shows relationships between token holders.

Why should you build a Data Widget?

Data Widgets are a great way to attract interest for your unique Data NFTs as they show the potential of the Data NFT's raw data in a highly engaging format. Maybe you are the Data Creator who minted your own Data NFT collection and wants to provide a way for your Data NFT holders to experience your Data NFTs, or maybe you are a developer who owns a large group of Data NFTs you procured from the open market and want to grow demand for the Data NFTs by building your own Data Widget and enabling demand in a secondary market for the underlying Data NFTs. Data Widgets are a great tool to showcase a "preview" of a potentially more extensive app experience; for example, the NF-Tunes Data Widget previews a standalone Music Data NFT Music Platform that is being built and will launch soon.
Itheum Explorer is available directly at