Astar Network

Astar Network is Japan's most popular smart contract platform.

Support for Astar Network is experimental and is in Alpha Devnet mode.

Itheum's technology has been deployed to Astar Network's Shibuya Testnet as part of the "Sony X Astar Network Web3 Incubation Program". You can learn more about Itheum's participation in this program here

Let's explore specific guides for the Astar Network:

Guide 1 : Get Started with the Data DEX on Astar Network

Section 1: Setting up wallets on Astar Network - Shibuya Testnet

Section 2: Getting ITHEUM devnet tokens via the Data DEX - Shibuya Testnet

Guide 2 : Procure Data NFTs from the peer-to-peer Data NFT Marketplace on Astar Network

Guide 3: Use the โ€œWeb3 Gamer Passportโ€ App on the Astar Network to trade your PlayStation Data

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