Section 2: Getting xEGLD Gas tokens to pay for transactions - MultiversX Devnet

You will need xEGLD tokens to pay gas for transactions so that you can follow along with this guide.

The quickest way we found to get some xEGLD was via the official faucet that is located in the Devnet MultiversX Wallet portal here:

Step 1) Click “Defi Wallet” and select one of the new wallets you created.

Step 2) Click on “Faucet” and then on “Request Tokens”

You will see a success message once it’s complete.

You may have to wait a few minutes for your xEGLD to be deposited into your wallet. You can monitor these transactions by going to “Transactions.”

Once you get your xEGLD, you can repeat the steps to use the faucet to get some xEGLD for your other wallet. Or, if you want to move quicker, you can send some xEGLD from one of your wallets to the other.

Step 3) You only need this step to move tokens between your wallets manually and not use the Faucet as above. In this example, we send xELGD from the Data Seller wallet to the Data Buyer wallet.

In your DeFi Wallet, select the Data Buyer wallet and click “Deposit” to see the address.

Click on the below "icon" to copy your address. Your MultiversX address will start with erd1…

Now, swap to your other wallet, which has xEGLD (e.g., Data Seller), and click on “Send.”

Enter the address you copied in the previous step (e.g., Data Buyer), enter some xEGLD (e.g., 15), and hit “Continue.”

Click Confirm and follow the transaction until it’s successful.

Step 4) After completing the above steps, you can swap between your Data Seller and Data Buyer wallets and confirm that they have some xEGLD available for use.

CLick on the “gear icon” lets you see all your wallets, and you can swap between the wallet from here.

Confirm the balances for both of your wallets.

Great job making it this far. We are now ready to proceed to the next step to claim ITHEUM devnet tokens. The next step will be seamless.

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