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Akord is a decentralized storage platform that stores data permanently and securely using blockchain technology. Akord can be used to store data, such as images, videos, and audio files. Upon hosting, a URL of the file is obtained for minting a data NFT.

To get started, create an account on Akord here

Steps for hosting a File on Akord

1. Creating and configuring a vault on Akord

A vault in Akord is a secure container for storing data. Following are the steps to create a vault on Akord.

a. Click on "New vault".

  • The vault is a container that will hold your assets. Each vault can be configured for permissions.

b. Select "Public", this will make the file accessible to the data Marshal.

c. Fill in the details and create Vault.

d. The new vault is now available in the vaults section.

2. Uploading a file to the vault and obtaining URL for Mint

a. Browse into the vault created and click on "Upload file"

b. Select the file and click on "Upload"

c. Click on "File Info". This will provide details of the file upload.

d. Click on View transaction Icon. This will redirect to the file explorer.

e. Copy the URL by clicking on the link icon next to "Data".

Note: This is a short URL and will need to be placed into a browser to obtain the full URL.

  • Note that once the file is uploaded it takes a few moments to reflect on the Decentralized storage file explorer.

  • Upon copying the URL kindly place it in a new tab/window to check if the file is accessible.

This URL can now be used for Data NFT minting.

The End Result

Upon implementing the above steps, the final result will look like this.

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