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Trailblazer DAO

Tasked with offering specialized "Data and Creator Curation Services", the TrailBlazer DAO is key in ensuring organic growth in data creator and data creator activity within the ecosystem.
The Trailblazer DAO only operates within initiatives requiring a manual decision-making process that cannot be automatically done via a Smart Contract system or for any process that has yet to have an automated Smart Contract system implemented to solve. Given the decentralized nature of the Itheum protocol, this manual decision-making is delegated to the Trailbalzer DAO to ensure that the protocol can operate without any centralized influence.
The Trailblazer DAO will, therefore, participate in clear "initiatives" that are detailed and structured.
Here are the initiatives currently being governed by this DAO.
  1. 1.
    Initiative 1: Explore Data NFT-FT Trading: Royalties, Creator Curation, and Boosting in 3rd Party NFT Marketplaces